A Toast for Erin, Ej and Jordan

Our sister, Erin, is getting married today in Cozumel, Mexico and I wanted to share a little story. I wonder if you can like a person even before meeting them.  On Christmas of 2012, Erin and Jordan came to celebrate the day.  She had recently been on a date and was telling me about how the conversation unfolded.  She explained to  her "date" that Christmas was interesting with a teenage son because she, being the attentive mother that she is, had always helped her son, Jordan, purchase Read more
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40. Christ almighty, it’s happening. I think I see a liver spot on my hand. I’m not sure if it’s a liver spot or a scar from melted plastic I got from playing with a straw and a candle when I was 13 but I’m pretty sure it’s a liver spot. Nowadays, I use foundation to fill-in the crevices on my face. I used to apply foundation to make my skin look all dewy and fresh. I’ll need a heavier foundation to cover up all of these liver spots that are sure to start appearing any minute. 40. I can’t Read more
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Counting Backwards

This week Ella turned ten. I have been thinking about this double-digit milestone for a few months. She keeps growing taller and a few days ago, asked if she could read The Hunger Games. It makes me realize that in a few short years I will be the parent of a teenager. Then I stop and remind myself that she still plays make believe with her friends and sometimes can be found mothering a baby doll. Some of the most significant memories of my Mother are of those years when my older sisters where Read more
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Warm Chai Cocktail

This drink is a nice warm ending to our long freezing-cold week. If you like Chai you will love this. 6 oz Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea bag 2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream 1 T   Brown sugar Whip Cream Cinnamon Stick Prepare the tea as you normally would. Add the Irish Cream and brown sugar. Top with whip cream and use your cinnamon stick to stir. Sit by your fire and enjoy. Read more
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Sunday Morning Waffles

It is a Sunday morning in January.  You wake up before the kids and enjoy the quiet of house.  You light a fire and make some coffee and think about what you will accomplish for the day.  There is no mad rush for work or school and you have time to make a fun, delicious breakfast for the family (oh wait, this is my ideal Sunday morning). Whatever your ideal morning looks like, it should include a family breakfast. Now I do realize that homemade waffle recipes are everywhere, but I thought this Read more
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