I love soup and it loves me. I feel great after eating bowl of soup with a hearty broth. Pho, pronounced Foe or Fuh, depends on who you talk to, is a soup with substance that doesn’t involve added fat or dairy.

It is fake because I am not holding true to the normally used ingredients. But I am holding true to the principle.

I am not going to give you a list of ingredients and their quantities(well just a little) because it is not necessary. You can substitute anything you want except for the broth. The broth is key.

For two bowls you will need 64 ozs of chicken broth, a quarter size slice of ginger, 1 or 2image cloves of garlic smashed, 2 cinnamon sticks and 2 star anise pods. I had trouble finding the star anise but finally found it in a whole foods store. Bring these all to a rolling boil.

While you are waiting for the broth to boil assemble in two large, deep soup bowls, torn up greens such as kale, spinach or bok choy, cooked chicken or turkey and a handful of sliced raw shitake mushrooms. Chop a handful of cilantro.image

Once your broth is boiling let it go for about 10-15 minutes, longer if you want the seasonings to be stronger. Remove the solids from the broth and discard. Then put two packages of ramen noodles in the broth while it is boiling. Discard the msg-laden season packet that comes with the noodle. You can use a cooked noodle too, just put it directly in the bowl with the other ingredients. Boil your noodles for five minutes. Put cooked noodles in each bowl, as much as you want, and then ladle the steaming hot broth into the bowls. Let it sit for a minute and garnish with the cilantro, lime, and hot sauce if you like.image

The best part about this soup is you can alter it anyway you want. Check out this link for real Vietnamese Pho too.

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