November reminds me to be thankful. Mostly I am thankful that we are currently riding a wave of goodness.  We are healthy, happy and have plenty of food on the table. Aside from little daily challenges, life is beautiful.   I graciously accept its beauty because you never know when the wave will take you down, churn you up and leave you gasping for air.

This month, I have been participating in the #30ThankfulDays on Instagram (you can follow me here) to remind myself and share with my friends of something small or big for which I am thankful.  It is mostly for fun, but it also motivates me to think about the little things like good coffee, the gorgeous weather or my morning commute with the kids.

This past weekend unraveled into goodness.  The kind that makes you want to pass it on and bestow your good fortune on a friend or a stranger…

A beautiful sky

HikeLoryA chilly picnic

kidsHikeA girly hike

GirlyhikeThat night we went to our dear friends house to a party in support of Heifer International.  It was a night of community, friendship and good music for a great cause.

Heifer is striving to end world hunger and poverty.  They work in 30 countries to provide support with tools, education and livestock so that people can make positive transformations and achieve a future free from hunger.  They strive to help communities so that the people can then pass it on to help others in need.  They are currently working to help bring relief to the devastated Philippines in the wake of super typhoon Haiyan.

Mary Sheila gave me the gift of a donation to Heifer International a couple of years ago.  It is such a perfect gift because it let’s the person know that you thought of them without passing on the ritual of more stuff.  If this kind of gift giving appeals to you – go here.

And back to the music – Our kids played a little jam session.  They played prior to a local talent, Sam Mouton.  He is 21, has already been on the Voice and was so lovely to donate his time.  I told the girls that when he is famous they can say that when they were 7 and 9 they “opened” for Sam Mouton.  The boys in the video belong to my local sister, Kelsey.  They have all been playing together for a couple of years.  Here is a 20 second video to set the scene.

Happy November, friends!


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